The Evolution of Culture seeks to explain the origins, evolution and character of human culture, from language, art, music and ritual to the use of technology and the beginnings of social, political and economic behavior. It is concerned not only with where and when human culture evolved, but also asks how and why.

The book draws together original contributions by archaeologists, anthropologists, linguists and psychologists. By integrating evolutionary biology with the psychological, social and cultural sciences, it shows how contemporary evolutionary thinking can inform study of the peculiarly human phenomenon of symbolic culture. The contributors call into question the gulf currently separating the natural from the cultural sciences. Human capacities for culture, they argue, evolved through standard processes of natural and sexual selection, and properly be analyzed as biological adaptations.

The book is fully referenced and indexed, and contains a guide to further reading. It has been written to be accessible to the growing multidisciplinary readership now asking questions about human origins.

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